My words in describing the book were "the book is alive!" And it is. This type of work is rich in its ability to serve as an effective mentor to those who’ve committed themselves to a life of service to the Lord—a "must read" if there ever was one.

There were several major issues addressed within the story of your Dad’s life. One, right off the top, is the question of healing. Why would God allow such a thing to happen? (Your polio). How could not being healed bring glory to the Lord? But, because we’re able to follow the story as it’s lived out—to get the big-picture—especially from hindsight, and "family-sight"—it stirs a more reflective response—a deeper glimpse of HIS ways in it all.

Another issue is the subject of spiritual warfare. It was recognized in your Dad’s life as an ordinary dynamic to be factored into the evaluation of negative events—at least those which seemed designed to hinder progress in Kingdom living.

At the time I was reading the book, I’d been trying to evaluate a set of circumstances I was having to deal with but wasn’t quite clear on it. I was refreshed to note the matter-of-fact manner in which spiritual-warfare was perceived and addressed. It renewed a positive perspective and confirmed the type of conflict I’d been experiencing. I remember so clearly, when I went to bed that night, I felt more free and joyful than I had in days.

(Interestingly enough, as I was reading—the silence of the kitchen was suddenly broken by the sound of a dish in the dishpan shattering—for absolutely no apparent reason. Crazy!) It was such an anomalous occurrence, that both Bernard and I at least considered the fact that it might’ve been some sort of "sign" ??? –Not a spooky thing—just a highlighting of the existence of the invisible realm. At any rate, the end result of that evening with the book was one of a sense of personal release and renewed confidence in our Savior’s care.

AND you know, when I finished reading the book, I didn’t get the feeling that I had to be "Jack Schisler"—to access the Grace that was so obvious in his life. Somehow, biographies can DO this—leave you feeling that the main character is the MAIN character. But I loved the fact that the book added to my anticipation of what God is "about" in MY life.

What a gift that story is—thank you for embracing the Grace—for seizing the moment (the years!) to get it done. We are deeply grateful.

Sharon Evans

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